Thursday, December 19, 2019

The Family Structures And Experiences - 1957 Words

CHRISTINE VALENTINE this very young age Steven is automatically thinking change is bad every time his stepfather would go out Steven in his mind, knew what was going to happen they would be nervous wrecks waiting his return and there the vicious cycle starts, Steven starts school and flourishes due to the structure being built up, socialisation beginning and the same thing every day this become Stevens safe place, where he can relax without the fear of his step Father bursting in shouting and screaming. And this approach follows him through his school life enabling to have his stability support and care he is seeking. Outcome 1 I will endeavour to explain the family structures and experiences, that Steven has†¦show more content†¦Stevens home life was not as stable as he had, had a lot of changes happening in his life from living within a 2 parent family, getting the support and care from both parents, then having to adjust to living with just his Mother, and not seeing his Father, then again another person moving in, getting used to their way of doing things and having to share his Mother with another person again, then his Brother being born, this must have been a confusing time for Steven. This period in his family life should have been one of support, care, nurturing from both parents. During these early stages of Primary socialisation, Steven was learning the skills he needed to take him through life from his Mother and Father then, just from his Mother this changes with the appearance of the step Father, this could have been due to the different parenting skill between Stevens Mother and St ep Father for instance maybe his Mother did not agree with smacking the children and the step father did there is conflict which Steven could pick up on (Haralambos-Holborn-Sociology-Themes-Perspectives p185 n.d.) Also Steven will pick up his secondary socialisation via school and his peers but at home these skills are lacking as the teachers are noticing a change to Stevens behaviour as he is becoming withdrawn. When asked by his teachers if anything was wrong Steven said no, his teachers kept an eye on

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